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About GGS Southern – East Sussex 

Established 15 years ago in 2004, GGS Southern supply a wide range of quality ventilation and ducting products including pipes, fans, access doors, collars, vents, grilles, dampers, roof cowls, flexible ducting, rectangular and circular bends, T-piece, X-piece and Y-piece reducers, transition pieces, extraction hoods, waste extractors, saddle collars, clips, sealing clamps, sealants and tape.

GGS Southern Ltd supply fittings for industrial and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations. With many years of experience in the HVAC trade between Simon Trinder and Craig Piper, they have a particular focus on customer service making GGS Southern the perfect trade partner.

Air duct systems, ventilation ducting, pipes, vents and grills, Hailsham, East Sussex

We use several manufacturers – all of the highest quality as we regularly supply to hospitals, schools, data centres, and bars and restaurants where quite often, the ventilation and ducts are exposed for all to see.

We are stockists of Air Spiralo products and share their philosophy of aiming to “produce and deliver the highest possible quality and service for the production and distribution of circular ventilation ducts, pressed and handmade fittings, as well as components.”

These products are essential to the creation of comfortable living and working environments and part of the production processes combine the latest high-tech innovations with great environmental care.

With this in mind GGS Southern are in the process of expanding the range of plastic and polypipe ducting available as it is a cheap, efficient alternative made in the UK. Polypipe is used in the residential, commercial, civil and infrastructure sectors. The piping systems are used for a variety of applications including drainage, plumbing, water supply, water management, cable management, heating and ventilation.

Deliveries to London and the South East are made daily plus nationwide coverage via carrier service.

Contact GGS Southern, Hailsham

If you are looking for air duct systems, ventilation and ducting supplies in East Sussex and surrounding areas, contact GGS Southern, Hailsham please go to our Contact page to request a quote. Alternatively, give Simon or Craig a call on 01323 444850 or email: sales@ggssouthern.co.uk