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Ventilation and Ducting supplies, East Sussex

Air ventilation systems are ducts, conduits or passages used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to deliver and remove air. Ducts are one method of ensuring acceptable indoor air quality as well as thermal comfort and GGS Southern, Hailsham, East Sussex go out of their way to supply the most efficient for safety at good value.

Efficient ventilation is important because without it, the air in your house or place of work would become stale, damp and generally unpleasant. Adequate ventilation ensures that the air inside your premises changes frequently enough to avoid any possibility of it getting stale.

Back in the nineties, restaurants like Belgo’s started the trend for exposed pipework and ventilation ducts. New York lofts and nightclubs, and now high-end restaurants in Mayfair have followed the style of bare bricks and galvanised steel being symbols of affluence.

The rivets, collars, bends and brackets contribute to what was once the merely functional and hidden away but is now seen as an exposed, post-industrial aesthetic. Art galleries, gymnasiums and now work places seem to all be following suit so it’s important to us that we provide well-made, aesthetically pleasing products. But it’s not all style over content – the current explosion of open fire cooking in restaurants requires efficient ventilation and ducting.

So that’s the lifestyle bit. Now the practical side – GGS Southern provide a wide range of air duct systems wih ventilation, ducting, pipes, access doors, collars, vents and grilles. We also supply dampers, roof cowls, flexible ducting, rectangular and circular bends, T-piece, X-piece and Y-piece reducers, transition pieces, extraction hoods, waste extractors, saddle collars, clips and sealing clamps. Plus a wide range of sealants and tapes.

By the way, it’s not like in the movies where heroes like Bruce Willis gamely chase villains down miles and miles of riveted, sharp-edged steel – you need access points and hatches that are safe, easy to use and built to last. We’re pleased to say that all of our products are manufactured in the UK, Germany and Holland so we are confident that they are of the highest quality.

Air duct systems, ventilation and ducting, Hailsham

We supply air duct systems, ventilation and ducting for both domestic and industrial markets with installers working on hospitals, refits, kitchen extraction in bars and restaurants – the O2 Waterside Arena and the Emirates Stadium in Holloway, North London were recent large-scale projects.

GGS Southern are a small, dynamic company building on success achieved by providing a fast, efficient service at the right price, and are the preferred suppliers to many small contractors and a growing number of prestigious national companies.

As well as stocking the standard range of air duct systems, ventilation and ducting, we also supply fire valves and fittings – and being leading distributors of some of the best-known names in the trade, we also offer bespoke fabrications and components for custom-designed projects.

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If you are looking for air duct systems, ventilation and ducting supplies in East Sussex and surrounding areas, contact GGS Southern, Hailsham please go to our Contact page to request a quote. Alternatively, give Simon or Craig a call on 01323 444850 or email: